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  • I love providing cheerful entertainment to hopefully lighten a mood & brighten a day!

    Tamera McDaniel
    On Air Personality
  • I love my job because, like magic, I help inform & entertain the masses by using something as simple as air.

    Mike Haile
    On Air Personality
  • I enjoy knowing that we are the community's go-to source for news, sports, weather, and other information. It makes you feel like the work you do truly matters.

    Tim Ditman
  • I love sleeping all day, and Lite Rocking all night.

    Adam Austin
    On Air Personality
  • I really enjoy being on the air delivering the latest local, state and national news to our listeners to help keep them informed with what's going on around them. I especially like being a part of various shows interacting with our listeners. They are why we are here, so it's very satisfying when we deliver on their expectations.

    Michael Kiser
  • What I enjoy most is being able to play such a wide variety of music, especially rock n roll. (Although I do I like a little ABBA now and then!)

    Jim Lewis
    On Air Personality
  • What I enjoy most about being on the air is, the people I work with, and the variety of things I get to do!

    Dave Loane
    On Air Personality
  • I enjoy talking about the day’s events with our listeners.

    Dave Gentry
  • I enjoy having the daily connection with our wonderful listeners and providing them the news and sports information they want and need in a timely and professional manner. The invitation from our listeners to be on the air in their homes and vehicles and on-line is something I take very seriously and I consider it a privilege to be there with them through our radio stations.

    Brian Barnhart
  • I enjoy through the Standard Time show on WDWS serving those that serve us the most. Our veterans of the military!

    Ann Rhoton
    On Air Personality
  • I love having a job where I get to be involved in the Champaign-Urbana community and can introduce listeners to new music everyday!

    Alli Adams
    On Air Personality
  • I love radio - even though video killed the radio star, I love to still DJ on-air.

    Jim Lewis
    Radio Personality

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