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Chaz Ebert on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

It was such a nice surprise to see Chaz Ebert as a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this past Friday Night.

Colbie Caillat's Video for 'Try' is amazing

Love Colbie Caillat!  Her latest single 'Try' is getting alot of attention not just for the message in the song, but for the amazing video. See Colbie as well as many other inspiring women go make-up free and show their true beauty. Try not to cry! Watch it here!

What you missed Wednesday July 16th

  • Phillip Phillips latest album 'Behind the Light' is out now. Hear some of it now.
  • Courtney Cox is engaged to Snow Patrol's Johnny McDaid. Read more here.

What You Missed Tuesday July 15th

I so hope this is true! Katy Perry wants to star in a stage version of the moivie 'Clueless'.


Weird Al Takes On Pharrell Williams 'Happy' With 'Tacky'

This cracks me up! Weird Al got together with some of his famous friends like Jack Black to make the video for his latest song 'Tacky' to the tune of Parrell Williams 'Happy'. Find out more here.

What You Missed Monday July 14th

Happy Monday! Here are a few things we talked about-


What You Missed Thursday April 17th

Sarah McLachlan will be releasing a new album May 6th . Hear her new song 'In Your Shoes' Here.


Here is a sneak peek of Katy Perrys' Prizm jewelery line at Claires.


What You Missed Wednesday April 16th

New Ed Sheeran and new Tour Dates!


Lady Antabellum teamed up with Stevie Nicks on their song 'Golden'. Get it Here.


Chocolate Dipped Peeps

I love peeps, so I had to share this easy recipe for chocolate dipped peeps or peep bunnies. Get the recipe here.


What You Missed Tusday April 15th

Here's what you missed yesterday!

Bruno Mars is super rich!


Avicii has had to cancell his tour for the next month.


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