Mike in the Morning Blog (October 2011)

Sorry but the Weekend Is Over

Although my Cardinal friends are still celebrating. 

A busy Monday ahead, I still need to buy Halloween candy to hand out.  Thanks to listener Janet Peters who dropped off a big package of "Dots" my favorite candy!

We've got basketball tickets to give away all day today.

Friday's quiz question answer, The Bee Gees.

A Friday To Remember?

I hope so for Cardinal Fans.  Glad this final game is on a Friday night.

Thanks to Les Marti for bringing Brain and me a Zero Bar.  I had not had one in over 20 years.  It took me half the morning to eat it.  That is a "rich" candy bar.

A Step Away from the Weekend

Thanks to everyone at Human Kinetics for their hospitality yesterday.......Tony Clements and I had a great time.

Yesterday's Quiz Question Answer......Stevie Wonder.  No surprise what the subject matter will be today.

We'll talk Halloween Candy at 7:55

Join us on the radio from 5 til 10 or streaming right here.




Wednesday Already

Good Luck to our Cardinal friends as it gets down to one game at a time.

At noontime today Tony Clements and I will be the guests at Human Kinetics for a little lunch time fun.

Quiz question answer yesterday Chicago.

We're on the radio from 5 til 10 this morning and streaming right here.





Good Tuesday Morning

If you are a Cardinal fan.....oh my.......I went bed last night with the Cardinals ahead.  Home cooking on Wednesday should help.

If you are thinking about starting a diet today, listen for some advice this morning.

Beatles the right answer on the quiz question yesterday morning.

We're on the radio from 5 til 10 this morning and streaming right here.

Oh My It's Monday!

Well, I did not get half of the things done over the weekend I needed to get down.......but there is always next weekend.

Interesting sports weekend and Ron Zook will join us after 7 this morning.

Friday's Quiz Question answer.....Unchained Melody.

We'll get it going from 5 til 10 this morning on the radio and streaming right here.


It's Friday Already

I still have a ton of stuff to do on my desk.  Oh, well.......

Yesterday's quiz question answer, Columbia Records.

Tony and Brian will pick the games at 7:55.

Have a great weekend.







A Windy Thursday

Congrats to my Cardinal friends, a nice win on a cold night in the Gateway City.  We sure had the winds overnight here.  Another day of this, then bring on some sunshine and back to 60 over the weekend.

Bruce Weber's team has a scrimmage this Sunday and we've got tickets for it to give away all day today.

Hello Wednesday

Cold and rainy this morning and the wind really kicks in starting this afternoon for 24 hours.  Good News.....Sunny and 60 this weekend!

Yesterday's quiz question answer, Elton John.  I'll ask the ladies version of that same question this morning at 7:45.

Good Tuesday Morning

A little rain overnight and for once I had the correct timing late yesterday afternoon with respects to my yard.  Mike Evans did the aeration last week and I picked up some grass seed on my way home from work at 4:30......good timing.  It is going to start feeling like October for most of this week but back to 60 for the weekend.

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