Mike in the Morning Blog (November 2011)

Tickets and Cash Today

More Holiday Cash names today.....are you registered?  You can do it right here on our site.

Win a Pair of basketball tickets for tomorrow night's game........listen all day for your chance to win.

Much easier quiz question yesterday.........the right answer .......Abba.

We're on the radio from 5 til 10 and streaming right here.




Wednesday with Cash & Tickets

More Holiday Cash Names all day today.  Not registered?  You can do it on line here at our site.

Pairs of Basketball Ticksts for Thursday Night's game.......list for your chance to win all day.

Thanks for all the emails about an easier question yesterday.  The right answer.......Abba.

We're on the radio from5 til 10 and streaming right here.


Here Comes Tuesday

More names in the Holiday Cash Giveaway........an amazing contest........the response is overwhelming.

Holiday Cash Week #2

It's back for a second week and hopefully you are registered so we can maybe call out your name, and if you call us back in 5 minutes you win the cash for your Christmas and Holiday Shopping.  Registered on line right here on our site.

Lots of basketball tickets to giveaway today for tonight's game.

Friday's quiz question answer......Neil Diamond.

Have a great Monday!

Thank You Veterans

I have the honor today to MC a special Veterans Day event at Clark Lindsey featuring the Greg Kline, Phil Bloomer and Mike Howie who assembled a terrific book "When We Went to War".

Make sure you find some time to thank the Veterans around you for what they have done for all of us.

More names in Holiday Cash, and some more basketball tickets to giveaway.

Lots of Football & Basketball Tickets

Listen all day today for your chance to win basketball tickets for tomorrow night or football tickets and tailgate passes for Saturday......plus Holiday Cash rolls into day four with more winners.

A lote of emails about what old show is being brought back after 50 years........it's the Rifleman.

Holiday Cash Day Three

Are you registered?  It's an easy contest.  Register, listen for your name, if you hear it, call us back withing 5 minutes and you win the cash.  Registered on our site.

Use Me the the right answer in the question.  A Chicago question this morning.

The Cash keeps on rolling

Yesterday began our 10th Holiday Cash Giveaway on Lite Rock 97.5.  If you have not registered as of yet......please do so.....it's so easy.......register (right here on the website), then listen for us to call out your name....if you hear your name.....call us back within 5 minutes.....you win.

Yesterday's quiz question answer.......Big Yellow taxi.

Are you registered?

Holiday Cash has returned and we'll be calling out the first name Monday Morning.  So easy, we call out your name, you call us back within 5 minutes and you win the cash.  Get registered here on our website.

Tony and Brian pick the games at 7:55 this morning.

Yesterday's quiz question answer, Cyndi Lauper.

Enjoy this weekend!


Holiday Cash is Back

Starting in Mid-October I must get a half a dozen calls a day asking if we are going to do Holiday Cash again.  The answer is yes and we start registration today!  This is the 10th year of doing this promotion.  Simple contest to win.

I had a great time last night at the United Way Pillars event and I appreciate being asked to be a part of the event.

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