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$100 Gas Card Name Every Hour

Today (Thursday) we'll call out a name every hour from 6AM thru 5PM in the Gas Card Giveaway.  Lots of chances today.  Get registered right here and you might wind up with 10,000 miles of free gasoline.




More Gasoline Today!

Lots of winners yesterday........more on tap today and a special giveaway day tomorrow.

Get registered right here on our site........you could win a $100 gas card that could lead to free gas for the next 10,000 miles.




Some rain at last!

Woke up several times overnight with the sound of rain and thunder......kind of nice.  Anxious to go out and see the rain gauge before I leave for work.

The Gas Card Giveaway is back this morning.......lots of chances to win today.  If you are not registered, do so, it only takes 15 seconds right here on our site.



Unplug This Weekend?

Hopefully this warm weekend you will have the opportunity to unplug for a few hours and enjoy some quality time with family and friends. 

Don't forget to get yourself registered for the free gasoline.  It's easy and a $100 gas card would certainly come in handy this summer.  Register here on our website.





More Free Gasoline This Morning

The Free Gas Giveaway rolls on.  Listen for us to call out your name.  It takes about 15 seconds to sign-up here on this site.  Good Luck as you might win enough gasoline to get you down the road from the next 10,000 miles.



More Sad Music News

The passing of Robin Gibb just days after we lost Donna Summer.  Some  Bee Gees gems on the radio this morning.

Plus a Bee Gees Quiz Question.  Friday's answer Bad Girls.

More $100 Gas Cards to give away all day today.

Thanks for listening!




Free Gasoline

Registered yet to win a $100 Gas Card?  It takes about 15 seconds.  Then listen for us to call out your name on Lite Rock 97.5.  If you hear your name, call us back within five minutes and you win.  Plus get registered for the grand prize.

Good Luck!



Win Free Gas

Win a $100 Gas Gift Card from Lite Rock 97.5!   We've got thousands of gallons of gas to give away, and one listener will win enough gas to drive their car for the next next 10,000 miles.

Get regestered, then listen for your chance to win!




Got a Song Request

Alli Adams is doing all request during the noon hour M-F.  Call her after 11AM and get your song on the list to be played.  We've got the largest radio library, six decades worth of old and new songs.  Give her a call, she'll do her best to find a song for you.





Thanks Michael, Brian & Lee

Once again very quick work from our staff tracking the fast moving weather yesterday afternoon.  Michael Kiser, Brian Moline and Lee Marcus gave our listeners the moment by moment movements.  Thanks to listeners who called and became the eyes and ears around our area with first hand accounts. 




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