Mike in the Morning Blog (April 2013)

Double Play

I have it on pretty good authority we will hand out the first Double Play $1,000 today.  Good Luck!   Monday's QQ answer  Wilson Phillips.

Great Weekend for our Communities

Saturday Morning could not have been much better for the Illinois Marathon.  Saturday Night was terrific at The Virginia for Tony Clements Show with the Tons O' Fun Band.  And now it is Monday already.  But we have the kickoff to our $1,000 Double Play.  Listen for details.   Friday's QQ answer: Strut.      Thanks!  Mitm

Good Luck This Weekend

If you are running this weekend, Good Luck!  What a terrific event for our communities.  Thursday's QQ  Knowing Me Knowing You and Winner takes it all!  Have a great weekend!  Mitm

Mike Wallner, Marathon, QQ

Happy Birthday to Mike Wallner at the U of I Golf Course.  Worked out last night at the ARC.  The ARC is really taking shape as Marathon Central, an exciting next couple of days.  Yesterday's QQ answers Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and James Brown.  Thanks!   Mitm

How about a few dry days!

That would be a great idea......some dry days in a row.........let's keep the rain away from Saturday.    Tuesday's QQ answer Beatles & Stones.   Thanks!Mitm

Great Weather & QQ

What a super day and great evening to be outside on Monday.  QQ answer Aretha Franklin, Madonna.  Thanks!Mitm

What a weekend!

Friday Night's amazing events in Boston.  An historic week as the team of social media and traditional media working hand in hand made a giant difference in finding the suspects.     We had a nice weather weekend that gave thousands of Illinois marathon runners a chance to get some good practice in.    Friday's QQ answer  Fleetwood Mac

3.7, Boston & QQ

3.7 inches at our house by early this morning but at least the pavement is dry for a while.  The Boston story takes another tragic turn overnight for law enforcement officers.  Yesterday's QQ answer Wham. Thanks!  Mitm

Good news Dry this weekend

Dry this weekend after a couple more inches of rain the next 36 hours.  Yesterday's answer in the QQ Michael Sembello.

More Rain.....Swell

Three more days of on and off rain......it is what it is.  Yesterday's QQ answer......Bonnie Tyler.  Thanks!  Mitm

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