Mike in the Morning Blog (May 2013)

You Win Wednesday Morning as we reach a milestone

We reach an interesting milestone Wednesday Morning that will net 16 listeners free food from me.  Listen Wednesday Morning.  Thanks!  Mitm

Congratulations Bob Mandra!

Bob wins double play #2 and picks up $1,000.  What's the next double play comination worth $1,000?  Listen for details!  We got to see a little more sun over the weekend tham we thought and not quite as much rain thank goodness.  Friday's QQ answer, .....never be the same.  Thanks!  Mitm

A Double Play Winner Today?

I think that is a strong possibility.  Thursday's QQ answer, 52nd street.  Stay dry this weekend.  Thanks! Mitm

Double Play #2

Another thousand $$ up for grabs.  Listen for details.  Wednesday's QQ.....Beat it.   Thanks!  Mitm

Congratulations Sharon!

Sharon Sloniger was our first $1,000 double play winner.  You could be next listen for details.  Enjoy today......last sunny day for a while, rain on its way again.  Yesterday's QQ answer, USA for Africia.  Thanks!  Mitm

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