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Wanna Help The Efforts in Moore, Oklahoma Now?

Make a contribution to the Salvation Army or Red Cross either on line or via your smart phone.  That's what officials are asking you to do right now.  Some prayers would help also!  Thanks Mitm

New Double Play Monday

We have a number double play that pays Monday.  Listen for details.  Froday's QQ answer........1980.  Thanks!     Mitm

Easy Money

Easy Money with the $1,000 Double Play that Pays.  Listen for details.   Thursday QQ answer Donna Summer.     Thanks!Mitm

Another $1,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Double Play rolls on with another $1,000 up for grabs.  Listen for details.  Wednesday's QQ Kenny Rogers.    Thanks!    Mitm

Ready for Wednesday!

Could the $1,000 Double Play be played today?  Tuesday's QQ answer The Bee Gees.   Thanks!Mitm

Enjoy Tuesday

Despite the wind on Tuesday, enjoy the Sunshine becuase there is an on and off chance of showers Wednesday afternoon thru Sunday.  $1,000 double play rolls on, listen for details.  Maroon 5 our Monday QQ answer.  Thanks!Mitm

What a Great Weekend

A little cool but never the less a nice weekend.  Allie had a great time surrounded by 1,000 people at the Kirby Derby.  I finally got caught up responding to over 400 emails about our Champaign-Urbana Radio Anniversary.  Thanks for your kindness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Another $1,000 double play that pays will be announced on Monday.  Easy way to win cash!  Fri

Thanks for your kindness!

I was very moved by the hundreds of entries for Wednesday Morning's Mitm contest.  Since I always write a personal reply for every email i receive, it will take me a couple of days to reply to everyone!  So if you have not heard from me yet.......you might still be a contest winner.  Thanks for all the kind words attached with the entries.  I am very blessed.  Wedn

You Win Wednesday Morning as we reach a milestone

We reach an interesting milestone Wednesday Morning that will net 16 listeners free food from me.  Listen Wednesday Morning.  Thanks!  Mitm

Congratulations Bob Mandra!

Bob wins double play #2 and picks up $1,000.  What's the next double play comination worth $1,000?  Listen for details!  We got to see a little more sun over the weekend tham we thought and not quite as much rain thank goodness.  Friday's QQ answer, .....never be the same.  Thanks!  Mitm

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