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Win Celtic Woman Tickets

Celtic Woman coming to the Assembly Hall tomorrow night and we have chances for you to win tickets all day today!

88 today and 90 tomorrow.......amazing.

Friday's Quiz Question answer......Eric Clapton.

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Welcome John Groce

My son and I had the opportunity to ride with John and his family on the elevator up to the reception at Memorial Stadium.  They are looking forward to the days ahead.  Time for all of us to help John and his family get to know our terrific community.

The New Era Begins

What terrific hire in Matt Bollant, the new Illini Women's Basketball Coach.  The number say it all.  At Green Bay over the last five years he was 148-19.  Wow.

Yesterday's quiz question answer, Mariah Carey.  A great question.

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This Morning's Quiz Question

I stumbled across an amazing question preparing for this morning's show.  This is quite a feat by a superstar artist.  We'll do the question at 7:45.

Yesterday's right answers Johnny Mathis and Carole King.

Tony Clements will stop by this morning just before 8. 

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Turn the heat on!

This amazing weather continues.  Got home from work yesterday at 4 only to find our house at 64 degrees, so last night turned on the furnace, hopefully for one of the last times this season.

Are we a step closer to knowing who our next coach is?

Yesterday's quiz question answer, It's My Turn.

What A Sunday!

It was fun getting out and cutting the grass yesterday.  Will I say that come August, probably yes.  It is the one thing I do that cuts me off from the rest of the world for 70 mins. as I cannot hear my cell phone.

Anyway, back to work Monday.  What don't have a new coach yet.  But I do have a cool story on "Where's Waldo".

The Weekend Arrives

Is this the weeknd you start cutting the grass and jumping into some other household chores that you haven't tackled since last November?

Yesterday's quiz question answers Led Zep and U2.

Have agreat weekend.   We're on the radio from 5 til 10 and streaming right here.





Congratulations to the Mark & Penny

Long time morning show listeners Mark and Penny Rogers will both be retiring at the end of the month and after a two week vacation will be undertaking a year long mission opportunity through their church.  Thanks Mark and Penny for your support of our show for nearly 30 years.

I'm sure we will have a little basketball talk this morning.  Fans of "24", some news.

Thanks News Team!

Last night another superb job by our news department with the election returns.

A couple of funny cell phone stories this morning, one that will get a court test.

Also this morning, what kind of first impression can you make in 7 seconds.......some interesting research.

Yesterday's quiz question answers Jay-Z, Beatles, Elvis.

Thanks Lee Marcus!

Thanks to Lee Marcus for changing his schedule around the last few days that enabled me to spend a few full days with my family.  With Jennifer and Christopher getting older, summer jobs, etc. this past week will be the only time this year we were able spend a week together.  Time moves on so quickly.

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