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Another Big Night For Adele

I watched the highlights of the Brit Awards last night and Adele wrapped up the show in interesting fashion we'll talk about this morning.

Also, how many Facebook friends is too many.  We have research on this.

Stand By Me the right answer in the quiz question.

Wanna be back stage and meet Daughtry.  Keep your eye on our website the next few day.

Brian in Columbus

We give Brian Barnhart his wake up call this morning just before 8 as the Illini get ready to play OSU with GameDay starting at 4:30 this afternoon.

Yesterday's quiz question answer.......J. Geils Band.   Today's question has to do with Whitney Houston making Billboard Hot 100 Chart History by doing something only a couple of other artists have done in the last 40 years.

Ready for the Weekend

It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Although I will be filling in for Lee Marcus on the Saturday Morning Show as he takes a well deserved day off.

Quiz Question answer from yesterday......Duran, Duran

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At a Loss for Words

What a tough night at the Hall.  Don't know what to say.

Yesterday's quiz question answers  Cher & Tina Turner.

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Basketball Tickets This Morning

Purdue tonight and we have tickets to win all morning.

A short night for my son Christopher and me as we went to Indy to see LeBron who is pretty amazing to wtach in personal as the Heat had control of the Pacers from start to finish.

Quiz Question answer yesterday.........I Love Rock n Roll.

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All Love!!!!!

Lee Marcus has given us a list of songs that either have love in the title and/or lyric for the day........should be interesting.

A "Love" question this morning at 7:45.   Yesterday's answer, Bodyguard, Whitney, Whitney Houston.

Listen for your chance to win basketball tickets!





A Sad Weekend In Music

As the details continue to unfold, a tragic end for a brilliant singer.

We'll play the recording from the night Whitney Houston stopped the world in 1991.

Whitney will be the subject of the quiz question this morning.  Friday's answer Stevie Wonder.

Despite the sadness overshadowing the event, the Grammy Awards was excellent television last night.


At Last.......Friday

A very long week and I'm a long ride back for the Illini Men's Basketball team.  Big win for the Illini Women at the Hall last night.

More Grammy talk this morning.......a great question at 7:45 that just may stump everyone.  Yesterday's right answer......Another Page.

More tickets to a variety of things going on this weekend.

Tickets This Morning

Thanks to a number of our listeners we have tickets to a variety of family events going on this weekend to giveaway. 

Adele gets ready for the Grammy's with an interview on 60 mins., we'll talk about what she is afraid of on stage.

Kelly Clarkson yesterday's quiz question answer......another Grammy question today.

Here Comes Wednesday

A terrific story this morning at 7:15 about a teacher at Carrie Busey School.

Another Grammy Question this morning........yesterday's answers........Blood Sweat & Tears, Toto

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