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Happy Thursday Morning

Here comes Thursday and we've got lots of Illini Football Tickets and Tailgate passes to give away all day today!

Congrats to all our Cardinal friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Early Wednesday Morning Already

The good news is this week is flying by, the bad news is this week is flying by.  I was at the Salvation Army board meeting yesterday and I got a little excited about this year's toy drive plans, our 26th year!  At the urging of one of our board members Steve Hamburg, I stopped by the Post Office at Third and Green in Champaign and met one of our long time morning show listeners,

Herre comes Tuesday

A fun Monday watching my son play in the Big 12 Conference Golf Championships.  A pretty windy day.  Cool and damp today but once we get though tomorrow, dry for a whole bunch of days in a row so everybody can get back in the fields.

During Monday's Show

The right answer on the quiz question this morning "Magic".  Ron Zook was terrific on the air with continued kudos to the Marching Illini.  This is one of those weeks that I hope will move along quickly so we can get to next Saturday's Homecoming Game.  We WILL have tickets to the game and tailgate passes to giveaway later this week.

Welcome to Monday

Good Morning......The weekend is over and a short night last night, went to bed late after watching the season finale of Ice Road truckers and the new Ice Road Truckers show set in South America.  Mindless TV as my wife describes it.

Early Friday Morning

Lots of fog this morning when I got up at 3:25.  Big football weekend, looking forward to getting win #4.  Tony Clements and Brian Barnhart will make their picks at 7:55.  I believe Tony will be on a roll this morning!

As we roll on this morning, ratings for the "X" Factor.......oh my.


The right answer on the question question was The Temptations.  Alli and Lee have more football tickets and tailgate passes to giveaway today just keep listening to the radio or streaming right here.

Tomorrow morning Tony Clements and Brian Barnhart will pick the games.  Bruce Springsteen has a birthday and he will be the subject of our quiz question.

Thursday Morning

Football tickets and tailgate passes are up for grabs all day today.

Looks like another pretty good weather day coming up.  Rod Stewart the subject of this morning's quiz question that will be easier that yesterday's.  Everybody will have a good guess.

Wednesday Morning during the show

Thanks for all the calls about the quiz question, I love questions from time to time that can stump everyone!  The right answer, the simple four letter word "LIKE".  I promised to do an easier question in the morning.

Wednesday Morning 9/21

Another great day ahead of us!  Sunny and in the 70's......give me about six more months of this. 

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