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3.7, Boston & QQ

3.7 inches at our house by early this morning but at least the pavement is dry for a while.  The Boston story takes another tragic turn overnight for law enforcement officers.  Yesterday's QQ answer Wham. Thanks!  Mitm

Good news Dry this weekend

Dry this weekend after a couple more inches of rain the next 36 hours.  Yesterday's answer in the QQ Michael Sembello.

More Rain.....Swell

Three more days of on and off rain......it is what it is.  Yesterday's QQ answer......Bonnie Tyler.  Thanks!  Mitm

Nothing is really that important to say in light of the events in Boston

Our hearts and prayers go out to those individuals and families in Boston.

Weekend Over Already?

Don't tell me the weekend is over already......here comes Monday.  Friday's QQ answer.....Adele's Someone Like You.

QQ, Virginia, FB

Football tonight with the Spring Game at Memorial Stadium.  Check out the newly re-modeled Virginia Theatre Saturday between 1 and 5.......Free Popcorn.  It looks wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thursday's QQ answer.....duets with peabo Bryson.  Have a great weekend.......Thanks!  Mitm

A little quieter today

Wow what a loud night with the storms rolling through.......a little quieter today........don't lose my number yesterday's QQ answer.  thanks ! Mitm

QQ & Raindrops

Roxette the right answer from Tuesday..........pleanty of rain over the next 36 hours.......2 plus says Greg.  Thanks!  Mitm

What a game!

What a basketball game......where they just let them play.  I stayed up way too late.  Congrats to Eugene Miller heading over to the Beef House with Tony Clements, Brian Barnhart and me as our Final 4 winner.  Monday's QQ answer.....Too late for Goodbye......Thanks!  Mitm


Friday's Quiz Question answer was Abba.  We'll announce the final four winner this morning.  Thanks!  Mitm

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