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Ready for Weekend & BB

I am anxious to see our BB on the road at Northwestern Sunday Evening.  A late game for a Sunday with Steve Kelly's Game Day show starting at 5Pm, Brian and Jerry with the tip at 6:30.   Go Illini!

By the way Thursday's QQ answer.......Endless Love

Have a great weekend



BB Wow, QQ & Cupid

What a game Wednesday Night!  A great win at the hall.

Yesterday's QQ answer Best of My Love by The Emotions

Every song today have love in the lyrics.  Thanks Lee Marcus for your work on this.




QQ & Tonight

Tuesday QQ answer Mariah Carey......know your love songs in the next couple of days.

Let's get this day moving quickly anxious to see the Illini tonight.



Tickets & QQ

Listen all day Tuesday for your chance to win Illini Basketball Tickets for Wednesday Night's Game.

Right Answer in Monday's Quiz Question.......Michelle.






Friday's right answer in the QQ Sheena Easton

Lots of basketball this morning......nice to be on a roll.



QQ & Oh My

Culture Club right answer on Thursday.

What a game.......we'll be playing highlights all morning as Brian was on fire.



QQ & God Made A DJ

Wednesday's QQ answer......Unforgetable.

Here's the link for the piece we played Wednesday "God Made a DJ".











A bunch of Gary's & Basketball

Tuesday's QQ answer......a;; the songs were sung by guys named Gary.

We've got Illini Basketball Tickets to give away all day today.



Monday QQ & Thanks

Right Answer Monday........Only Yesterday.

Thanks for all the calls and emails about reaching out to a lonely person in February.  We will talk more about this as the days roll on towards Valentine's Day.



Friday's Answer & More

Elton John the right answer from the Friday QQ.

Loved the super bowl from start to finish, the Sandy Hook Singers, Alicia, Oreos, Fast & Furious, Rav 4, Dorritos, Taco Bell, Beyonce, fireworks out of the guitar, jeep, thank you for being a fan, landslide, leon sandcastle, paul harvey, tide and oh yes the game.



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